Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cut A Real Tree Down?

You bet! That is the whole idea. Come out during business hours early enough in the harvest season (we sell out!) we will hand you a saw and point you to the promise land. It's the genuine old fashion Christmas tree tradition you have always yearned for;)

What Payment Types Are Accepted?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Can I Bring My Own Saw?

No. Chainsaws, power saws, and personal saws are not allowed. We
provide specifically engineered bow saws. Our saws will make quick work
of any of our tagged trees ready for harvest.

Can I Bring My Dog?

Yes! Well behaved, vaccinated, & leashed dogs are allowed at the farm. Be aware that we are in a rural area and sometimes unleashed dogs venture on to the farm unsupervised. Please do not leave dogs unattended in your car for more then a few minutes. ALWAYS pick up your dog's poop!!!! B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own bags)

Can I Cut Any Tree Down?

No. Never cut a tree down that isn't clearly tagged with a price and variety. Our crop is carefully selected each year for harvest and unmarked trees are critical for the success of future harvests. It takes 6-10 years for a Christmas tree to mature for harvest.

What is a Pre Harvested Tree?

A Pre Harvested tree is a tree that was cut down from another farm and shipped to us. We have imported trees for over 15 years to both supplement our farm's inventory & expand the variety of tree types customers can choose from. Our Pre Harvested trees are fresher and of higher quality then most any other pre harvested tree you can purchase in the KC metro. A semi truck brings our shipment in just days before the season begins to ensure the freshest possible inventory for our customers. Missouri does not provide an ideal climate for most fir trees to thrive in so we usually bring in Frasier Firs, Balsam Firs, and some additional varieties. This allows us to offer customers more options than our mostly pine varieties in our fields.

Do You Have Restrooms?

Yes! White Pine Lodge which serves as our Harvest HQ(It regularly house receptions for our wedding venue) has indoor men's, women's, and handicap accessible restrooms.

Is the Farm Handicapped Accessible?

Yes, mostly. The farm HQ, White Pine lodge, is surrounded by asphalt and is handicapped accessible with restrooms. The parking lot and drive is gravel. The field of Christmas trees is grass with stumps and dips and other natural occurrences of a working farm. If it is raining/snowing or has recently rained/snowed the fields will be less accessible to a limited mobility person. We
would not discourage anyone from coming, but please expect a natural environment with varying degrees of ruggedness.