Where moments become memories that last forever.

20 Acres of Spectacular Holiday Tradition

With over 20 years of experience hosting kc area families' favorite holiday tradition, the Luke family knows how to provide a memorable experience. Fort Osage Christmas Trees & Weddings has evolved over the years and now boasts an impressive collection of amenities and features to enhance your real Christmas tree experience.

It's What Makes us Special

White Pine Lodge

During Christmas Harvest our luxurious 4,400sqft reception facility White Pine Lodge is transformed into an expansive Harvest HQ. Complete with a holiday gift shop featuring one of a kind holiday decor, whimsical hand painted signs, SLiK Hound Dog Collars, and so much more. Take a seat and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace as you sip hot chocolate and Christmas Cheer. White Pine Lodge is the ultimate in comfort to enhance your real Christmas tree experience.

It's What Makes Us Special

Free Hot Chocolate

Your adventure to Fort Osage Christmas Trees & Weddings won't be complete without a cup of free hot chocolate or our legendary Christmas Cheer spiced tea. It's been over 20 years since we served our first free cup of hot cocoa & it wouldn't be the same here without it. Drink it inside by the fire or take it with you while you shop!

It's What Makes Us Special

Indoor Plumbing

It wasn't always the case in our 30 year history, but put your mind at ease we have bathrooms! Our women's and men's restroom each have two stalls. We also have gender neutral handicap accessible bathroom. We take great pride in offering these facilities and keeping them clean, because lets face it...it's hard to make lasting memories if your holding it in the whole time.

It's What Makes Us Special

Nursing Mom's Room

We are happy to announce a new addition to our farm for Christmas Harvest 2023... A nursing mom's room! Our beautiful bridal suite has been transformed into a quiet and nurturing space to nurse your baby. Complete with a baby changing station and restroom. We are so honored to host your new addition and hope that this new feature enhances your family's real Christmas Tree experience with us.

It's What Makes Us Special

We Shake, Bag, & Load!

Included with every tree purchase is shaking, bagging, & loading. It's a real help to our customers that we use a mechanical shaker to dislodge any dead or loose needles or squirrels(not really). This makes your new tree much cleaner when you get it home. Then we pull your tree(you can help) through a specialized bagger to compress it with netting for easier transport. It's no fun stuffing a tree through your front door without netting! Lastly we load your tree including securing it with twine on top of your station wagon.... hello Griswold's Christmas Vacation;)